Title: International Conspiracy of Revenge
Subtitle: FAI/FRI Toward Creative Nothing
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
Date: 2014
Source: https://eltlatol.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/abismo-8.pdf

Finally, we had an opportunity to write a letter in a ‘detailed way’ from our own point of view of our group, after hard beyond the geographical borders, although it’s never been a limitation for our meetings in ideas and actions, it is one of the basic problems that prevent our physical meeting. Through this letter, we want to offer some of our analysis regarding the situation around us (as individuals and as a group), and also our own analysis related to the recent situation of FAI/IRF, since we are part of it. The letter is our critique and contribution for international anarchists of praxis around the globe.

The letter itself is the result of our discussion. But one must be aware from the beginning that we are an association of individualists, although we use one name in order of anonymity. In some part of this letter, the view represented the joint agreement among individuals in our group. But we never want to abolish the individual’s judgment. That is why below, you will found some parts where we mention about individual analysis or individual gesture.

Part 1: Fundamentalism, Direct Actions and the Anarchists

Thus democracy — the mother of socialism — is the daughter of religions

— Renzo Novatore, (Toward Creative Nothing)

Since June of this year, we noted that in Indonesia at least 4 cases of political shooting against police officers. In our brief analysis, these actions are done by Moslem armed groups. Fundamentalist groups who exist since several years ago. Some individuals said that it started to appear in early 2000 and run until now. Their type of actions mostly easily recognized by the targets. For example, the church bombings and ‘capitalist symbols’ such as hotels or cafés where many foreigners (western or easily-said white skin) hangout. The most famous actions of this group is the Bali bomb part 1 (12 October 2002), the bomb against JW Marriot hotels (5 August 2003), bomb action against Australian embassy in 2004 and three bomb actions known as Bali Bom part 2 (1 October 2005). We highlight one thing, that now the group moved to another tactic. Rather than to send any suicide bombers like before, now they are targeting the pigs (police).

Why are they targeting the police? Because for them, police are the most repressive tools of the State. Police institutions and all the police officers are the ones who must take responsibility for all the ‘counter-attack’ from the State against this group and all its members in the last ten years. Indonesian special unit against terrorism is well known as Densus 88, who are the number one enemy for this group. The pigs in Densus 88, specifically carry purpose to smash down this Moslem group and all terrorist activities around and in Indonesia. In the last five years we noted that the pigs of Densus 88 held several raid operations against the Moslem group where some of the members were killed in gunfire battle with the pigs and a big number of the members arrested. At least more than 30 members of this group now face different charges in trial for their actions.

This group, in our analysis is a group who have success in the practice of how small cells consist of three or four people, and organise in informal and closed methods. The links for communication, exchanging information, or logistics are built well, disciplined and tight. They also have good sources for logistics by the actions of expropriation against banks, gold stores or robbery against non-Moslem rich citizens. Some ‘self-proclaimed’ experts said that the group is funded from the middle eastern countries. That is the reason why they easily get gunpowder, weapons, safe houses and other supporting tools for their struggle. Each of their members also know well about all the consequences of the struggle -they called it ‘jihad’. Getting arrested or possibly death for them is only the cost of war. Nothing to worry about.

And what is the goal or purpose of this group?

Their goal is ‘an Islamic kingdom’ so called ‘khilafah‘ which is of course based on Islamic rules or known as Sharia law. One who joined with this group shared the common idea that an Islamic government is the perfect one and the answer for all the crisis of the material world they face now. These fundamentalists — in our analysis — share the same idea with the Marxists and social anarchists who accuse capitalism of causing of all the daily problems. The Islamic fundamentalists, Marxists and social anarchists in our eyes are groups of people who escape from the real war and look after what they call better government, better ruler or better society. If the social anarchists named it: better society, the Marxists say it as communism, so the fundamentalists call it: khilafah. Different names but one common essence. They just spoke in different languages of theories but their goal is similar in all aspects.

In our sight, the only one point that separate this fundamentalist group from the Marxists and social anarchists: the brave choice to step further — not to only depend on the peaceful demonstration or wait for the change coming. Their choice is arming themselves and starting to carry out an attack against the structure and individuals who they have considered as the enemy.

After all for some individuals in our group, the choice to arm yourself and start an attack actively is not an easy choice. But it’s important to help the clear sight of the bold line regarding the consciousness of individuals among this group. The consciousness is not the critical one. The choice came from outside, injected roughly and without any resistance. The choices are a direct product of indoctrination and the individuals in this group are only puppets, zombies without individual critical thought. They only have one truth, without exception, poor of self-recognition and there is no dignity inside.

For us, each individuals in this group, the absence of dignity also befell in the ‘anarchist movement’ here. So far, we see how the anarchists who have no clear stance in the war against existence mutates oneself in ‘social activism‘ as an excuse for their lack of ability to step into the direct war. They argue that feed the hungry one or share space with the homeless is also part of war, and they name it as direct action. Something that made us laugh. The social anarchists around us in Indonesia only moved the puzzles of illusion from one side to another, while in the same time they also changed the angle to see it. Kind of activities that made them always feel the ‘revolutionary tension‘ and deny that they just repeat the activities inside their peaceful life zones full of boredom.

They spoke about better future where there is no hierarchy and human lives equal but they accepted and legalize all the hierarchy in their struggle. Because of their individual cowardice, they run and hide behind the arguments of solidarity with the autonomy struggles. But if one can see clearly that it only temporary points to quench their thirst of what is so-called; ‘revolution‘. It is why their revolution is always about number or mass. Their revolution based on the needs of society, needing to create a heaven on the earth. Needing to have revolution with temporary tension and full of fake plastic flowers and synthetic fragrances. They are mob with a single destination, the same one like the fundamentalists.

Of them in Indonesia so far, we only recognize Kontinum, the anarchist-communist group who — even though separated by ocean of ideas and values — have the clear stance. This group with strong analysis, written by brave comrades -and not by cowards who can only translate texts from foreign languages to Indonesian languages but have shaky hands when holding the rocks — provide the clear view with dignity as anarchists. As a group of anarchists, Kontinum is beyond the obstacles. Something that many anarchists in Indonesia can’t seem to do. Stuck in the wall of obstacles that turn the social anarchists to play with Facebook, Twitter or online translation of archaic materials about anarchism hundreds years ago, in an era when anarchism was a ‘success’.

The social anarchists in Indonesia or abroad for us contain a pathetic attitude! That is why if one of them tries to stand before us and our violent actions, we would never think twice to send them also our anger. Everything and everyone who wants to maintain the social order is our enemy! No respect for them.

Part 2: Anti-Moral, Anti-Judicial and Illegality

When you humiliate a means of struggle, in this way, it is just wrong. You either fight and remain true to your choices or you don‘t fight at all. You are not an anarchist when you suck on political parties. If you are an anarchist you don’t talk about national sovereignty or the Greek people, neither do you seek the need of a new pole of authority. You are an anarchist when you proudly fight against any form ofauthority, even against those alienating forms of authority, that we all have inside us.

— Gerasimos Tsakalos, (Now That The Circus Is Over)

We will never forget the day when the pigs arrested our brothers Billy and Eat. That day was a starting point when everything became clearer for us. Although they finally reached their freedom outside the walls, but for some of us — nothing is over.

Yes. We point to all the social anarchists who at the moment — when our group was attacked by the enemy — when the State captured two of our brothers and forced one of our comrades to go underground until now — you stood against us. You stood against us and accused our choice as an imitation of European nihilists, out of your mind where you can’t believe the birth of a new generation of anarchists with nihilist tendency and anti-social pole. And all of you who from that time until now always doubt our actions and put the limit of disagreement between us. Disagreement without any possibility of agreement, something that leads to our total critiques in some of our communiqués. You, the social anarchists are cowards!

In the first, we want to highlight and make clear about our stance before the question of all judicial and legal tools. Something that in our analysis contributed to ocean of disagreement relating to how an anarchist acts in front of it.

In some cases, we often found that in several so called ‘social and autonomy struggles‘ one who has no dignity will act against the law and all the judicial frameworks when it is against their interests, but when they become the ‘victims‘, they will go back to ‘home sweet home‘; the repressive methods of the enemy. They will use it in order to gain their objectives. Even though it is clearly against your position as anarchists, -anarchists are the direct and total enemy of any forms of authority.

The social struggle now around us is just a circus. Performances of activism and ‘messiah-ism’ from those who are self-proclaimed anarchists, who limit themselves from the direct war and hide behind the reason of the ‘right moment to act.’ Stupidity and cowardice that they gained from their fear. Yes, they are totally scared to bring themselves into the battle field and face the enemy. The real one and not the imaginary enemy similar to the ones in Facebook or Twitter.

The social anarchists without dignity often used legal ways in order to gain what they called: ‘the goals of struggle‘. But the main question for us is how can the anarchist struggle fit into the legal system created by the State, the enemy of our struggle? How can you — who proclaim yourselves as anarchists — believe in lawyers and their kindness in the circus of ‘class action‘, depending on the judicial process and all of its details? How can you call the ‘fake plastic‘ as ‘autonomy struggle‘ when you put yourself and part of your activities into the legal system of law that is from the enemy? Where is the anarchist attitude within you when you bow down before the hammer of the judges or ‘radical’ non-government organizations or for the media? We believe that you only have two options: you totally lost your mind or you are never an anarchist in one single millimeter.

Many of you presented yourself in front of the media in order ‘to explain‘ or ‘to answer‘ the questions from the society that were related to your struggle. You brought yourself in dialogue with the enemy and still consider yourself as anarchists at the same time.

You talk ‘polite and nice’ in face of enemy and you said that it was for the struggle. You shared the moments with the leftists and said that you are not part of them, but you sit next to them. You hold the NGO’s hands but you said that you still have autonomy. You obey the ‘peace maker‘ and you declared that you are anti-hierarchy? You lived with two faces, two fake faces: face of a coward and face of a liar.

Part 3: FAI/IRF, Phoenix Projects and International Call

We know that it never gets dark there, inside your prisons. Therein memories are scratching, and one forgets how the sky looks without bars and barbed wire. If death had its own color, it should be painted on your prisons. Because the realm of slow death lies on the inside, and one can feel it every single day.”

-CCF in cooperation with Consciousness Gangs, Sole-Baleno Cell, (Communique of Phoenix Projects #01)

We received the news of actions from different cells of FAI/IRF around the globe. From the comrades of FAI Cell in UK, we also want to welcome our comrades from Felicity Ann Ryder Cell of FAI Australia, the letter from captive anarchist Andreas Tsavdaridis, the coordinated attack from CCF cell and ELF cell in Russia, and the Phoenix Project #6 from the comrades of CCF in Greece who sent the bomb parcel to motherfucker Dimitris Mokkas [chief prosecutor of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire-FAI, Athens, Greece]. But first we want to share more about our concerns related to the recent text from Felicity Ann Ryder Cell of FAI Australia. Called an answer for ‘the agents of doubt‘ after the attack. Something that in our consideration we need to add some more comments on from us as comrades, or as individuals who believe that our enemy is the totality of the society with all of its details.

We want to open it with one question. Why do you have so much respect for your enemy as to where you addressed your violent attack?

Media, pigs, the law abiding citizens, judges, social activists, leftist politicians or any of part of the society are the enemy for us. There are no exceptions. The infrastructures, the property or the human itself who stands at the side of the society is the enemy. That is why we have no respect or ‘humanity’ for any of it. Schools for example are one of our targets. In the past we burned down one school because we believe that schools as they are, are also part of the repressive tools of society. The schools are equal to factories, ATM or banks, police offices, car dealers or supermarkets in our eyes. Nothing is more important than any of the others. Burning down police offices is equal to the attacks against ATM or banks. And every sound of rebellions with fire and bullets will have no space in the social order. Each violent act against the authorities smashes down before the smoke rises up. That is why the enemy will do everything it can to cover it in order to maintain the social peace.

When actions of FAI/IRF are not published in the media or they deny it, don’t waste your energy to explain it to the enemy or some cowards (social anarchists for example) who want to have ‘better and solid evidence‘ about it. Don’t waste your time in answering questions from cowards with anarchy symbols, who bow their heads and sit calm in their house. You sound like —beg for your rights of equal proportioned news between opposition and the ruler” from your enemy. As anarchists of praxis with actions of violence, you don’t need to do it.

Communiques of action are not addressed to it. Communiques for us are the voice of the actions. The sounds in the form of words from the angry ones who want to exchange their analysis or messages or greetings with the others.

Long or short one, the communique is not the main thing. But what the messages are inside it. What one wants to share with other comrades abroad. Why you choose the targets, what is your analysis and who are the comrades that you want to share the warm of fire in your actions. All of it is what we called ‘content’ in the communiques.

The communiques of FAI/IRF for us are not articles written by scholars, full of references or reading suggestions and theories of nothing. Communiques also are not poems full with romantic words of hope. Communiques are also not just programs or goals for informal networking for violent anarchists. Communiques on the other hand can be a proposal of continual war and self-criticism amongst comrades in network. Since we hardly find an opportunity for face to face meetings, communiques of actions or letters from imprisoned anarchists play the role to provide each individual in the FAI/IRF project a voice for continuity of communication. To plan, to analyze, to decide and to attack, to evaluate, share experiences and knowledge, to plan again for next actions.

In this part, the informal network of counter-information translations fill the gap. For us, the international project of translations are an integral part of our struggle. Our respect and love is also addressed to comrades who gave their energy and spirit to expand the calls from one place to another part of the globe. To spread the noises from one cell of FAI/IRF to another. One can’t say that translations or counter-information is a method of struggle where the risks are less than one who carries incendiary tools. In Italy we clearly saw how the enemy kidnapped our brothers and sisters from Culmine and Parole Armata. We saw that the translation projects are also considered by them part of a ‘dangerous’ enemy and how they want to repress it.

That is why for us, no need to explain anything to the enemy. FAI/IRF have nothing to do with them except our revenge. Revenge such as The Phoenix Project. International violence project by FAI/IRF. First launched by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire comrades in cooperation with Consciousness Gang in 7th June with the explosive attack against the vehicle of Koridallos prison’s director, Maria Stefi. The second project continued in 20th June by International Conspiracy for Revenge: Greece Unit, who blew up the car belonging to Algiris Gelbouras, pig of the prison institution. We responded it by sending fire to The Media Hotel and Tower in 26th June. The project continued when the Commando Mauricio Moralles sent a parcel bomb to Dimitris Horianopoulos, former director of anti-terrorist unit in Greece. After this attack, the pig raided the Nadir squat in Thessaloniki and kidnapped Spyros Mandylas and Andreas Tsavdaridis. An action of the enemy that lead us to send fire to the police training school in Balikpapan as a response and as a direct revenge in the name of Free Mandylas and Tsavdaridis Cell. And it doesn’t stop. The Greek comrades of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire; Illegal Sector sent another parcel bomb to Dimitris Mokkas on 1st September.

Launched in Greece and echoed in Indonesia. Why do we respond to the call? Because for us Phoenix are common projects and international calls for coordination actions from cells of FAI/ IRF. It isn‘t limited only to Greece or Indonesia.

One can’t say that Phoenix Projects are only the nihilists attacks and not that of radical environmentalist groups and anti-civilization individuals such as ELF/ALF. Contrary, Phoenix is an open invitation for cells of FAI/IRF to attack, propose an analysis, discuss or debate and exchange knowledge, rage and respects between comrades inside the bars and comrades outside. For us, Phoenix is the next step of international coordination of actions from FAI/IRF cells to start the storm of revenge against all forms of authority. And we consider it important for FAI/IRF itself to strengthen the networking of anonymous individuals who are limited by geographic space to meet offline. These projects are methods for individuals and groups to share concerns and though that to sharpen one to the other.

If one reads the communiques from these actions, clearly you can see that Phoenix Projects offer nothing but revenge, anger and total solidarity to our comrades behind bars around the world. Through actions we send our revolutionary greetings to the prisoners of war against existence. We want nothing and have no intend to reform the society or to argue with pacifists or social activists, which is also an enemy for us. We only want total war for the destruction of the society. We want to bring down every form and tool of the enemy and set it on fire -although we are also burning in it.

ICR itself is a group of direct action, considering ourselves as an integral part of the new wave of nihilists-anti social who carry out violence as a method of struggle. As nihilists, we share the same feeling when comrades are arrested by pigs and face the indictments, because of their choice. And we realized that around the globe, many comrades still are locked by the enemy. Marco Camenisch, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Imprisoned Members Cell: Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Hans Niemeyer, Ivan Silva and Carla Verdugo, four anarchists of Kozani case, Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, Walter Bond, John Bowden, Fredy Fuentevilla — Marcelo Villarroel — Juan Aliste Vega, Jock Palfreeman, and to the fugitives such as Nikos Maziotis and Pola Ropa and Felicity Ann Ryder. For them, we dedicate this letter with love and solidarity.

The Phoenix‘s fire doesn‘t go out and we invite all of you comrades, to join with us and to share our desires. Light your fires, refill your weapons, and let the night be colored with the ashes of the enemies.

For total chaos

To the end of society

Until anarchy

All units and cells of International Conspiracy for Revenge