I’ve been thinking a lot about anarchy versus law. It’s hard to harmonize the two because the law itself is the main domination and hierarchy enforcement tool. For those who dream of a world free from control and oppression, the law feels like an obstacle to achieving that.

It is no secret that the law has been used to criminalize those who dissent. It is very frustrating that it happens all the time. Should we continue protesting, knowing we could be criminalized repeatedly?

That's when I started to think that the best way to fight back was to study the law in depth. Ultimately, all power products have their weak points. But how can we find them if we never take the time to study them? Does this mean an anarchist needs to study law? It seems counterintuitive, I know. The law represents authority, hierarchy, and control. It’s also the antithesis of freedom.

However, understanding how the law works is not the same as endorsing it. Far from it. Moreover, by understanding it and using it according to an anarchist's purposes, we lay bare its sacredness. Law, like other tools of the state, is only a property. And because it is a property, we can use it according to anarchist ideals. One can benefit from it once one manages to master it, and an anarchist is no exception.

In conclusion, does an anarchist need to study law? I think the answer is yes. Not because we agree with it, but because it arms us and makes our steps more effective. It’s about turning the master’s tools against the master, finding the loopholes, and using them to our advantage.

It feels strange, almost paradoxical. By studying the law, we are in a better position to dismantle the structures that the law is supposed to uphold. And that, I believe, is a powerful form of resistance.

Until next time,

Maria Magdalena