There have been so much bullshit going on from these so-called Eco-Extremist gang and all of their misanthrope-armchair-nihilist-wannabe cheerleaders. I found your text last year, “The Anarchist Myth”, filled with vulgar Christianity covering as Eco-Extremism. Come on, is this the best you can do? Claiming on killing hopeless people on random occasion? And to read your death threats while posting pictures of someone that you murdered (to your claim of course), is really funny, no it really is (I really laugh, literally when I read the communiques and pics, what the fuck?).

[en] (Mexico) 60th Communique of the ITS: On the “NGO 325” snitching
[Open with TOR]

I gotta say, this communique make my day, it is fucking hilarious.

After your ugly bald head Abe have been exposed, you started to begin acting like childish moron that you all are. Your stupid theorists from North America and your small cheerleader group in Europe? It’s one thing if you’re discussing the insights or the limitation of violence (I’m all ears!), it is another thing when you claimed to be anti-human and yet you only kill one hopeless girl in a university campus (oh, you kill more than one, please?) and your fucking proud of that? If you are really anti-human, please and please I begged you, make an atom bomb or whatever means/tools and commit a genocide of at least 10 people at one time? And after that kill yourself, you stupid human.

Your communique sounds more like a whining of sectarian Catholic from the 16th century, hell even those dead religious fanatics have committed more genocide of human than you. And there’s no difference, really, from those people who believe in the logo of Swastika that systematically killed millions during the Second World War.

And you, the so-called Extremist Gang? (like ‘Proud Boys’?!) quoting anarchists like Luigi Galleani (How Dare You, You Anti-Human, LoL), what did you really do? Nothing, you boast more on the internet and social media than really do something in real life (like killing yourself and committing mass suicide for instance). Burning small cars in Europe?

Your sectarian gang seemed quite privileged to have wandered and traveled to continents, why not try Indonesia, one of the most populated country? I dare you (and I’m laughing while writing this because it is just ridiculous making stupid threats, but really I learned it from you ITS).

I don’t really have more words for you as I know that you guys and all of your white cheerleaders really don’t have nothing to do other than write online communique, emailing death threats, and theorizing anti-human discourse. That’s all, not much. The Nazi’s and Christians do more harm to human than you.

“Forward the selective and indiscriminate attacks!
Forward eco-extremists theorists!
Forward members of ITS in America and Europe!
Forward criminal accomplices!”

No, you will not go on forward. You don’t have real criminal accomplices, you only have a middle class ugly Catholic lawyer. Your anti-human discourse probably still have their cheerleaders. But not you. Because, I think you should all kill yourself, you stupid human!


EAT. – The Anti-Human Mayhem Catholic Cell. Informal Anti-Human Federation/International Sorry-Ass Front. Indonesian Sect.