Title: The Revolution Will Not Be Bolshevized
Subtitle: Communiqué from the Official Clandestine A-Festa Coordinate Unit # 3
Author: Jose Pidal
Language: English
Date: July 2007
Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20110811045952/http://afesta.blogsome.com/category/1/

Early this month, MIP was taking the task to facilitate and network with collectives all over the Philippines for the AFEST. Many groups was interested to organize and bring the festival into their own barangays. A microsupport in a form of expropriated funds from our contact abroad was offered to 3 participating collectives in Manila but we backed out in offering this resource since we detected some underlying leftist interest in our own grounds.. The money was not used — or claimed. The main principle of Afest was decentralization, one collective attempted to takeover another one’s venue and set the program for themselves. This posed as problematic situation to deal with — so we called off the AFEST celebration this 2007. Now a report has resurfaced as AFEST 2007 — this is one, is the hijacked activity of those people seeking to utilize the movement for their own political ends.

From last years Afest, there is a re-emergence of leftist (professional revolutionaries) in the Philippines autonomous movement. It is no surprise that the political opportunist would jump on the anarchist bandwagon-which have internal dynamics on its own as decentralized, self sustaining and explicitly militant. For example us in Manila who have been active since the ACC, support those who are truly doing revolutionary work — we oppose those people who plan to organize those who are already active in thier own communities. We do not acknowledge the Sagada 11 as anarchist — but have our solidarity still, because they are involved in FoodNotBombs. We support local issues close to the community, rather than pre-packaged ones adapted from cd covers and slogans.

There are many players of this vicious circle — there is a collective consisted of former volunteers of Dirty Shoes Collective based in Cubao, there’s also the Anarchist Initiative in Direct Democracy which plans to tap in into our resource — one member of this group even provoked one member of our group and try to discredit us by spreading rumors to appeal to the scenesters. Where can you find a zinefair which have a political discussion for mobilizing in Arroyos State of the Nation — anarchist should know better than to participate on this spectacle. Last SONA one member of AID wanted to push the anarchist bloc to the Laban ng Masa (an opposition party) — not to mention that anti election gig caravan which seeks to use Food Not Bombs as catering for the bands!

This group is working on a publication that seeks contribution from every collective in the country — and package this tabloid with thier Direct Democracy, and will be asking for 50 dollars donations to further this cause. Originally there’s a book project on Philippines anarchism, it seems that one person managed to hijacked the idea into an 8 page tabloid for Manila imperialistic interest. Last i checked, they wanted to participate in the electoral process by proposing one member of an anarchist crew to be a candidate! If that’s anarchy-then it is the complete opposite of empowerment — since it is concentrated on agenda based assholes who want to see their name carved in stone. They are actively seeking to isolate us from the small clichés and circles which we have no plan on dwelling. We are part of a movement & not a scene. They want us to shut up and stop questioning their tactics — as anarchist we are very critical and that is embedded in our (counter) culture+ identity. We know who we are and where stand, we are transcendental and equally diverse. Leftism is a danger because it is imposing values from ideology.

2008 AFEST is truly a weeklong festival and the support, feedback coming from those we recognize as our affinity and allies in the struggle has been overwhelming. The proposal was orginally from the South and we are honored to facilitate in such gatherings in tradition to the GreenCon — the venue next year will be on a neutral ground — on an island away from the city and all kinds of pollution (both political & industrial) — and close to nature as possible. We in MIP are proud of our heritage and inspired by those who have come before us.. And those who sow the sees of dissent, social war and rebellion.

Fuck those people in the business of revolution, too many revolutionaries — without one, so we say once again — we want revolution without revolutionaries! Shove those existential poverty to the gutters of normalcy, the Revolution will not be Bolshevised!

— Communiqué from the Official Clandestine A-Festa Coordinate Unit # 3 | July 2007