Ngô Văn
In the Crossfire Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary [en]

Although the Vietnam War is still well known, few people are aware of the decades of struggles against the French colonial regime that preceded it, many of which had no connection with the Stalinists (Ho Chi Minh’s Communist Party). The Stalinists were ultimately victorious, but only after they systematically destroyed all the other oppositional currents. This book is the story of those other movements and revolts, caught in the crossfire between the French and the Stalinists, told by one of the few survivors.

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Ngo Van
Revolutionary witness Ngô Van, Vietnam’s history of struggle against imperialism [en]

What is not in doubt is that one day, the oppressed and exploited masses will rise up and put an end to their suffering. That is our profound hope and conviction.

Oct 13, 2021 Read the whole text... 26 pp.