Title: Kill Your Idol!
Subtitle: Kill your idol! Free yourself!
Author: Camarhitam
Language: English
Date: 2018

In your dreams, you always know idols. The figure that becomes your overflow of admiration. Idol is the cornerstone where you dream. You want to be like them. You want to be with them. You want, want and want to be like your idol. Both political figures, musicians, artists, actors, public figures, to thinkers and revolutionaries. Sometimes idols can be concepts. The concept that you think is great: masculine; aggressive; wise; funny; pacifist; indie; revolutionary; and others. You spend time admiring and duplicating idols. You are silent, but your mind hovers with your idols.

Then, you deny yourself

You reject yourself. Refuse all the uniqueness they have. You imagine yourself as you describe idols. You start dressing like an idol. You mimic a look like an idol. You spend resources to shape yourself like your idols. You put your idol icons on every inch of your body. T-shirts with idols are your identity. The idol’s wise words are words that come out of your mouth. Your idol writings are what you write on your social media.

And you start colonizing.

Crushed by your mind. Occupied by your needs to have an identity. Not identity based on uniqueness. But the identity is based on what your idols have. You become falsehood in a realistic world. There is no independence, when you don’t become yourself. You are humans with labels embedded in mind. Not unlike the sardine cans at the convenience store. You become a collection of items in the container. Classified and grouped according to your label. You move not by will. But it moves as an embedded command. The order that you are similar to your idol. You dead. Because you don’t think as individuals think. You become machines that move on what you are told. You become computers, with idols as operating systems.

Don’t talk free! Don’t talk about liberation! You are not an independent individual until you are free from the shadow of an idol. Your mind will not be free as long as your mind is too amazed at the idol, and deny yourself to be like an idol.

Yourwill is yours! Your mind is yours! Your body is yours! Not your idol’s concepts!

Kill your idol! Kill in your mind! Break their shackles in your life. And be free man!