“Sudah Krisis, Saatnya Membakar” A Chronicle of the Anarchist Prisoners in Tangerang [en]

On April 9th, 2020, three of our comrades were arrested and convicted of a heavy crime for spraying several graffiti that say “sudah krisis, saatnya membakar” (there’s a crisis already, time to burn) and “melawan atau mati konyol” (fight or perish). What is actually a voice of rightful citizens is considered a crime of provocation. Their art is a valid criticisms toward the government’s lack of integrity in mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic and just a petty crime at most.

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Simoun Magsalin
反对支持警察监狱的共产主义,支持主张废除警察监狱的共产主义 Abridged Translation(摘要) [zh]

(NOTE: This translation is abridged and incomplete.)

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