Advertising Anarchy [en]

Reaching out to people, particularly people or groups whom you want to help to self-organize (or at least, goad them to doing it), requires that sort of communication. Becoming effective in it tends to require well, communication skills. It’s not a requirement to be a “good anarchist” (because a, there’s none in the first place, and b, why), but it would certainly get you far. It gets people going. It inspires people.

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Abolisyonistang Anonymous
Paano Magsimula ng Bodegong Bayan How to Start a Community Pantry [en]

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Palang Hitam Indonesia,
Security Culture 101/I (PC, Laptop, dan perangkat digital lainnya) Kolaborasi Palang Hitam Anarkis dan Kolektif Eyes and Ears (Prancis) [id]

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