Buddhist Anarchists for Myanmar To ensure that victory is achieved and peace is lasting, revolutionaries, especially those who are Buddhists, should consider these ideas. [en]

May 22, 2021 Read the whole text... 9 pp.

Bima Satria Putra
Ekologi Sosial: Sebuah Pengantar [id]

May 8, 2021 Read the whole text... 22 pp.

Mèo Mun
The Fight for Partial Freedom in Vietnam And how liberals are the only one pretending to care [en]

Western leftists, communists, and anarchists alike routinely call for ‘unity’ with the authoritarian oppressors in their favourite ‘socialist’ states. They value a cheap, doomed-to-end-in-failure unity with the statists, the genocide deniers, and the red reactionaries, more than the well-being and liberation of marginalised groups.

May 3, 2021 Read the whole text... 5 pp.

Rikki Rikardo
Marxis Otonomis? Makhluk Apalagi Itu? [id]

Kebangkitan radikalisme antiotoritarian di ujung abad ke-20 ditandai dengan adanya perkembangan beragam gerakan politik baru, di antaranya adalah kelompok-kelompok anarkis dalam beragam variannya dan juga kelompok-kelompok politik lainnya yang menyerap kecenderungan Marxian.

May 3, 2021 Read the whole text... 24 pp.

Mèo Mun
Queerphobia in Vietnam Is queerphobia in Vietnam a mere product of colonialism, and does it matter? [en]

There is a tendency in some post-colonial societies to blame all social ailments, such as queerphobia, sexism, and misogyny, on colonialism and Western imperialism. Whilst the evils and destructiveness of colonialism are indubitably pervasive, such reductive thinking is overly simplistic, and can be detrimental to marginalised groups in post-colonial societies.

Apr 27, 2021 Read the whole text... 6 pp.